What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

“Meg has been giving my 81 year old husband who has dementia twice a week training sessions for four years. The results have been extremely positive. Coming out of hernia surgery recently, one of the medical staff commented at just how good his balance was! The day following surgery, he was climbing and descending stairs! Thanks to Meg, he's now agile enough to undertake a lot of stretching and bending actions that many people of his age are unable to do, including getting in and out of the bathtub. In the summer he takes walks on a daily basis. I would highly recommend her programme – and personality- without hesitation.”

Ann T.

"I have been a client of Meg for about two years now and I honestly never thought I would enjoy exercising like I do now. I attend a group exercise class but have also participated in aqua fitness classes under Meg's direction.

Meg and her staff have the skills, personality and drive to keep us keen on working every part of the body. They are amazing in accommodating the limitations and preferences of all class participants. Meg's smile is contagious and we all feel uplifted at the end of her exercise sessions.

We look forward to every class. Thank you Meg."

- Simone B.

"On behalf of all the residents who attend Meg's fitness classes regularly at The Ravines Senior Suites, I would like to thank Meg for the sufficient amount of time and effort she has put in. Our residents have nothing but amazing things to say about her continuously. The residents look forward to her 2 classes a week and rely greatly on the benefits that the classes have on their physical and even mental health. She is such a pleasant person to work with and the residents truly enjoy her presence, her knowledge and her leadership. The classes have become a major part of many residents’ lives here at The Ravines and we are extremely happy that we have Meg as an instructor. We would simply be lost without her."

- Jessica D, Recreation Manager, The Ravines Retirement Residence

I have been working with Michelle as my personal trainer since May 15, 2015. I was having a lot of neck pain and headache pain.  By the end of my 10 week program, I was able to do the full workouts without the pain…..I was totally amazed!


Michelle helped me to gently work through my rough times, but only to the extent that I could and always made me feel like it would be okay, and I would get better and better as time went on.  She was totally right! As a person, Michelle is positive, cheery and very passionate about being able to help others achieve a better quality of life.  She practices what she teaches and is very compassionate.


For myself, she was the best investment I could have done for my mind, body and soul!

- Carol A.

"We have known Meg for approximately 8 years. After university graduation, Meg became very involved in the physical well-being, health and welfare of seniors. 


Meg has designed her weekly exercise classes to stimulate physical and psychological fitness and awareness. Her exercises incorporate new and challenging moves each week that support our daily activities. She offers a "full body workout."


A positive encouraging attitude ensures her classes are always well attended. Meg has helped us set goals and follow up on them.

We wish her continued success as our personal trainer."

- Pat, Connie & Doris

"Meg conveniently comes to my house twice a week. She is always pleasant, encouraging and innovative. I had a stroke affecting my left arm and leg. She has been very supportive in helping me to improve and in problem solving. I can now walk without my cane in the house and do many household chores, using my weaker side, which I couldn't do before!"

- Marian Q.

"I have been a client of A.I.M. Fitness for over nine months. Since joining I have gained substantial strength and stamina in my workouts. Meg makes exercise fun, her laugh is contagious. The program she created personally for me has been evolving over those months.  I enjoy the hands on guidance and encouragement she provides. I now look at exercise, not as a chore but something to enjoy and make part of my daily routine…it energizes me."

- Catherine D.

"As a member of Meg Stickl's fitness classes for 3 sessions per week now in my third year I have had a sufficient time to reflect on the benefits of this program. Being in my mid-eighties the stretching exercises and strength exercises using resistance bands and weights have been beneficial in allowing me to do the everyday functions of living alone, traveling, visiting family and generally enjoying my life.

A distinct added benefit is the social aspect of the classes which I attend at 3 different venues each week. Meeting many people whom I would not otherwise, stimulates memory and concentration as well as providing the obvious pleasure of making new friends. I have found that maintaining balance is another important part of the program that Meg has introduced and which she has encouraged members to practice at home.

I look forward to the exercise sessions for all the benefits that I have stated and because Meg makes it fun. Meg's personality, enthusiasm, imagination and dedication to continuing education in her profession works to the benefit of everyone who joins her class. I am a very satisfied participant!

- Donald R.

"Four months ago, I was seeking a training program to improve my health, to become more fit and feel better.  I did not feel my upper body was strong which held me back when playing softball & tennis. My wife met Meg at our condo building where she teaches fitness classes for seniors and found her very good at explaining the exercises and motivating the attendees. 

I hired Meg for personal training at my condo gym and was very pleased with the programs she gave me. She motivated me to exercise three times a week.  The results are excellent. I'm feeling motivated to respect my schedule and follow the program she prepared for me. My wife suffers from arthritis and she is seeing some positive results with the exercises Meg has given her. My wife and I are very thankful to Meg for having taken us under her wing and for making us feel better physically."

- Pierre L.


"Dear Meg, Just wanted to let you know how much your exercises have changed my life. Due to a bad fall in July 2012 and a concussion, I had very poor balance and was always dizzy. I have now regained my balance (no more cane!) and no more dizziness. I am so much stronger than before. The finger exercises have helped too. My left thumb now moves freely and with much less pain. You have helped me not only physically but mentally, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Rachel R.

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