Reset your system!

Is one of your goals to improve your health and feel better this year?


I’m doing a “5x5 Reset”  would you like to join me?  It's running March 19-23 - Monday to Friday.


It sometimes can be hard to get back to healthier eating after a trip, time away, or a long winter so to make it easy we have the 5x5 Reset.


What is the "5x5 Reset" program?  It's 5 products for 5 days to reset your palette, have a gentle cleanse and get back on track with your diet.

It also includes:

  • Access to a private Facebook group where the team will provide you with coaching, support, and lots of encouragement to see you through. 

  • You’ll get step-by-step guides, recipes, snack ideas as well as tips to help you through this journey. 

  • In addition you’ll get a free HealthPrint when you complete the 5 days.


Many people find that they’re more energized, sleeping better, are a few pounds lighter, and their belly has shrunk. We can’t wait to see what your results will be!


• Support healthy digestion

• Help jump-start weight loss

• Help increase focus and energy

• Help with hunger management

• Help improve sleep quality


What some are saying............


I did well...lost 4.5 lbs and didn’t feel hungry at all. I haven’t had a soda this week and that’s really good for me and I was surprised I didn’t have a headache. I stuck to the plan and felt really good about the week. - Kim C.


I felt like it went really well! I really didn’t crave anything, not even chocolate. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT some. But, I do have chocolate in the house, and I’m not even tempted. - Steph W.


I never knew that I was lacking energy until I completed a 5 day reset! And who does not want more energy? Love the way I felt. I loved learning new ways to make smoothies and veggies! - Dawn O.


Email, text or call if want more details or/and you want join us in making this year our healthiest ever!!

As a limited time promo, the cost of the reset program is $82.75. 

It includes one of each :

  • Life Shake Protein Powder, Alfalfa, DTX, Herb Lax and Energizing Tea

  • 15 Delicious smoothies, 28 Energizing teas, Detoxing Supplements 

  • Support on a private Facebook Group for coaching, support, and lots of encouragement to see you through.

  • And a step by step guide, recipes, snack ideas as well as tips to help you through this journey.


You’ll need time to order your products and stock your refrigerator with lots of veggies and fruit, which are part of the program, so let me know asap!

Here's to better health!

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